Installation of QETools is easy with the occasional issues being easily resolved. Browse the topics below or contact us if you are still having difficulties installing.

Installing a QETools Demo Version (PC)

1.  Visit

Click on the Demo QETools button.


2.  Enter Your Information

Enter your contact information where you want to receive the download link (you can also download using an on-screen link on the next page).


3a.  Download the DEMO Installer

Click on the Download button to save the installation file to your computer.


4.  Browse to Your Downloads Folder

Files downloaded from the internet normally go your Downloads folder.  Open Windows Explorer and browse to Downloads (normally in C:/Users/<YourUserName>/Downloads).


5.  Begin the Installation

Double click the .exe installation file to begin the installation process.


6.  Continue the Installation…

Read and agree to the License Agreement.


7.  Continue the Installation…

The installer will specify the default location to install QETools.  Optionally, you can choose to modify the installation location.


8.  Continue the Installation…


9.  Continue the Installation…

Optionally, you may choose to view the ReadMe file after the installation completes.  The ReadMe file will open up in Microsoft Word.




Possible Errors:

1.  QETools can be installed on many computers even without “Administrator Rights” however some corporate environments will require assistance from IT when installing.  An error “…failure to open file <FileName> for writing…” is an indication that Administrator Rights are required to install.  Please request assistance from your IT department in installing QETools.

2.  QETools will fail to install if Microsoft Excel is not found on your computer.  Please contact if you have Excel installed yet the QETools installer fails.

  • I purchased QETools but I didn’t see the download link.
  • I double-clicked the install file but the installation aborted without an error.
  • I installed QETools — Now how do I launch QETools?
  • I installed QETools, I see the QETools menu in Excel but the tools don’t function.
  • I originally installed a Demo but would like to purchase QEToools.


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